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Inviting Dreams

In my dreams I saw you dancing on the moon’s stage in the dark


Hey you, Gorgeous! 고통 없어, 너라는 DNA
Hey you, Gorgeous! 내 손끝 발끝, 이미 on the edge
Hey you, Gorgeous! ha, 내가 미쳤나 싶기도 해
Hey you, Gorgeous! eh eh Hey you, Gorgeous!
before u go
If you feel burdened by me only looking at you, I will leave now
If my uncontrolable emotions have bothered you, I will back off now

I wondered if you might just fly away from my side
I couldn’t even rest for a day or breathe a sigh of relief
I didn’t know at all that these dumb obsessions of mine would hurt you

Just know before you go that I was the one man who loved you only
I was a stupid idiot who couldn’t even protect you because I was so foolish (*)
catch me
Baby catch, me catch, me catch me girl tonight
Before I leave (I’m serious I’m serious)
If only you held onto me, stopped me, cried, hit me
If only you told me the reason (I’m serious I’m serious)

Oh, I don’t know if I’ve been deep inside your heart or not
That’s what I’m curious about – Before I get too tired, tell me, tell me, answer me
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