November 10th, 2012


Fateful Meeting 5 / ?

Title: Fateful Meeting
Rating: PG-13 (and maybe some NC-17 later)
Pairing: JaeMin, onesided!Min7en, hints of JaeChull, BFF!JaeChun, BFF!MinSu, Bro!HoMin
Warnings: None of the characters belong to me (sadly) ... and since this is my first fanfic, please be gentle with the throwing of things *gets helmet ready*
Summary: It began as an innocent love that had no time to evolve, being shortly followed by a heartbreaking separation, and only years after, by a fateful meeting. Will they fight for their love or choose to obediently follow their already chosen paths by their powerfull families ?

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Chapter 5.

Jaejoong quickly relaxed as everything fell into place, it honestly felt like no time had elapsed as they continued to talk and enjoy each others company, Jaejoong noticed Changmin drinking quite a lot and was slightly worried about he was doing. As they ended the evening he could tell that Changmin was really in bad shape and felt guilty since after all it was his party and even though he could tell earlier that he was drinking too much, he didn’t stop him so he offered to escort him home.

When they got in the cab and Changmin rested on his shoulder, he had the sudden urge to taste the lips that were so close to his neck however he knew the cab driver probably wouldn’t appreciate it and because he knew that Changmin wasn’t even single. The last thought made a pout appear on his now slightly drunken features. Finally they reached their destination, he paid the cab driver , put an arm around his waist and helped him to his room. He stumbled a few times but made it to the room. He then went to remove his socks and shoes and then his jacket, he wanted to do more but wouldn’t allow himself, and as he turned to leave Changmin grabbed him and his plea to stay with him broke his resolve to stay away. He simply couldn’t deny that he in fact didn’t want to leave.

He sat down on the bed beside him and took off his socks , shoes and jacket as well before laying down next to him. “Changmin-ah…” He said before lightly pulling the other into a hug.

Changmin felt Jaejoong crawl into bed next to him and hug him,and pulled him closer towards him into a tighter hug, making Jaejoong be almost on top of him. He was unconsciously nuzzling at his neck, relishing in the mesmerizing scent that is Jaejoong’s and softly rubbing his palm on his back that even though this was the first time he was this close to Jaejoong, he had the feeling that he missed this so much…and he wanted more. He could feel Jaejoongs harsh breathing on his neck, so he took his chance, even if it would end up being a failure, at least he could blame the alcohol. Changmin slowly slipped his hands under Jaejoongs shirt,softly caressing the toned muscles under that milky skin and starterd licking and biting his neck and towards his jaw, finaly reaching those succulent lips and softly biting his lower lip before smacking their lips together hungrily.

JaeJoong couldn’t think as Changmin pulled him even closer and he realized that although his mind had forgotten his body hadn’t as Changmin rubbed his back in the way that only he had done before. Then he felt the caress of his hand then, his lips on him and his breath caught with slight surprise and intense pleasure. He moved his head so he had more room. As the other one finally kissed him for the first time in Years he was lost to it and responded in kind; ravaging the others mouth as if he was the very air he breathed; and he wanted more.
Jaejoong slowly ran his hand down Changmins front unbuttoning his shirt as he went and when he reached the others center he rubbed him through the fabric. This was what he wanted to do the minute he laid eyes on him, the thing that he had been resisting for weeks, there was just something about him….Jaejoong was a moth to Changmins flame and to have him just this once he threw away his thoughts about responsibility…just for tonight.

Changmin was so hot. He felt like his skin was burning, but he held on tighter to Jaejoong as the later thrust insinde him while softly moaning his name. It hurt at the beginning , since it was his first time, but as Jaejoong carefully kissed him and played with his hands all over his body, his mind and body relaxed and pleasure started building up until he could no longer withstand it and passed out shortly after cumming hard with Jaejoongs name on his lips.
When he woke up, the sun was shining through the blinds, his body ached and his vision was a little blurry, but when he glanced beside him and saw the peaceful sleeping face of Jaejoong, all the ache went away and all he could do was smile brightly. He couldn’t contain himself from reaching out and softly touching his cheek and those long, beautiful eyelashes that fluttered while he slept. He was determined. As soon as Jaejoong wakes up he will confess. Last nights events made his resolve even stronger. The way Jaejoong lovingly held his body will forever be engraved in his mind.
He was about to lean a little closer and place a kiss on those deliciously inviting lips when he saw the others eyes slowly flutter awake.

JaeJoong woke up feeling the bed move slightly, his head pounded from the furious hangover he had, then last nights events flashed through his head. The feeling of being with Changmin, how right it felt scared him and would be forever engraved into his soul. All he wanted was to be with him, to love him, but now that he was more sober his mind told him that it just wasn’t possible. He noticed now how Changmin looked at him with concern and he quickly tried to soften his face, which had just turned red as he realized the situation. “Changmin…” He said right as the other had said his name and he motioned the other to talk first.

“Jae… “, Changmin said softly and shyly, “..are you alright? I can make you some hangover soup if you want to…”. He was about to get up but he winced as the pain in his lower body came back and also his head started getting a little dizzy. Changmin raised his hand to his head and massaged his temples slowly, making the sheets slide lower on his body, stoping at his waist and exposing his naked chest and shoulders, also proving as a good reminder of last nights happenings.

Jae nearly rolled his eyes at the thought of Changmin cooking him something, but when he saw him wince everything came into focus, what had he done. Inside he started to panic, what was going to happen when the other man found out he had slept with the man he was supposed to marry? What was going to happen if his father found out? Would he possibly disown him. Too many questions ran through his head at this time. How could he have been so stupid, but then he knew. No one got to Jaejoong as much as Changmin had. No one could ever replace him in his heart, he knew after ten years of trying there wasn’t anyone that came close. He shook his head trying not to think about it. “Changmin, I’m really sorry, but I have a meeting today with my father.” He said before quickly picking his clothes up off the floor putting them on all the time not facing him and trying not to show the tears that were forming in his eyes, the ones that threatened to spill over at any minute. He had to ‘do the right thing’ regardless of how much he wanted to do the opposite. He would not allow himself to mess up the lives of the people he cared about most. He left then with a barely spoken ‘I’m so sorry’ on his lips. He tried to be calm and walk but as soon as he left the building he started to run toward his own. Tears finally falling.

Changmin looked up puzzeled when his question was met with silence and his heart cracked a little at the expression on Jaejoongs face. He looked like he was going to panic and bolt any minute now. Of course…how could he be so stupid and think that just because of a drunken one night stand Jaejoong would return his feelings. How can he forget that Jaejoong is also engaged..and to a gorgeous man none the least. He mentally slaps himself as he watches Jaejoong spout hurried apologies with his back turned to him and quickly gathers his clothes from the floor. His heart breaks a little more with each cloth picked and Changmin bites his lips to try and keep his tears from falling.
As Jaejoong finaly leaves with another “I’m so sorry” on his lips,again not even glancing at him, he collapses back on the bed and starts crying like a child. Stupid…stupid..stupid…he’s so stupid and so naïve to think everything will be alright. He cries himself back to sleep with the resolve that everything will be alright. He will forget this ever happened and he will burry his feelings for Jaejoong deep inside his heart…and everything will be alright. He just has to follow his parents words and continue his engagement with Dongwook. Just like everything was supposed to happen before he met Jaejoong. Life goes on. It certainly doesn’t end with a one night stand and a broken heart. He will be alright.


Chapter 5 done. From now on things will be a little more dramatic and stuff xD Hope you’ll enjoy it~ <3