November 8th, 2012


Fateful Meeting - Interlude 2/2

Title: Fateful Meeting – Interlude
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: JaeMin, BFF!JaeChun, BFF!MinSu, Bro!HoMin
Warnings: None of the characters belong to me (sadly) ... and since this is my first fanfic, please be gentle with the throwing of things *gets helmet ready*
Summary: It began as an innocent love that had no time to evolve, being shortly followed by a heartbreaking separation, and only years after, by a fateful meeting. Will they fight for their love or choose to obediently follow their already chosen paths by their powerfull families ?
A/N: This is the interlude for the fanfic ME and asiafreak1991 are writing together. I realised there were some loopholes in the fanfic and the readers will feel confused after reading the first chapters, so i tried making this Interlude and maybe answer some of the questions and make things more clear for everyone out there. <3
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Interlude 2/2.

Jung Shim Changmin.

Changmin was a smart boy and he always managed to put two and two together and figure out things quicker than anyone else,even at the age of four. The way that weird uncle always looked at him and then started whispering rudely with his even wierder wife, glaring daggers at him, always kind of scared him, and he’d glare back with those cute doe eyes until his hyung would notice something and take him away to distract him with some food or toys, but not before noticing his mother sternly heading towards said uncle, eyes more fierce than Changmin has ever seen her.

But not always was his hyung around to take him away and distract him, and on those few times he’d stare with confused eyes at his sneering uncle spout nonsense after nonsense, like “ What’s with those weird eyes you have? You don’t look like my sister at all”, “You shouldn’t even be here.”, “Stupid brat!” , until he burst out in tears,running in search of his mother who always kissed him gently and coddled him until he stopped crying.

He wouldn’t know of course, he was still too young to comprehend such difficult “grown up matters”. It wasn’t until the day of his 10th birthday that he found out the meaning behind the words of that mean uncle and a lot more than he wished to.

Changmin was happily enjoying his day with a couple of friends and his Yunho hyung, when he heard the doorbell ring. He got up quickly and ran towards the door to open it, thinking there were more guests coming for his birthday party, but then stoped abruptly when he saw a strange man holding a briefcase also surprised at seeing him open the door, smiling slightly at him.
“ Hello there! Are you by any chance Changmin?”
Before he could answer, his mother came and ushered him back to his friends saying that the birthday boy shouldn’t leave his friends alone like that on such an important day. He went back obediently and forgot about the strange man until much later that night when his father gathered them all in the living room with a serious face.

Aparently his mother wasn’t his mother and his hyung was only half his hyung and that strange man that came today was a lawyer bringing the will of his deceased real mother.

He had tears in his eyes and couldn’t belive what he was hearing. Looking at the woman he knew was his mother until today, his heart breaking a little more at seeing her tear striked face, he ran and hugged her tight crying his eyes out while mumbling “ You’ll always be my mother, no one else, I love only you!” , looking at her with those tearfull eyes.

After they both calmed down, his father started explaining more clearly. Aparently he had an affair, years back when he was much younger and reckless, with an astonishingly beautiful woman who showed her pretty mismatched eyes whenever she smiled, who took his breath away the moment he saw her. Even though it was a one time thing, never seeing the woman again after, two years later Changmin was left at his doorstep with only a letter stating who he was and that she couldn’t take care of him anymore due to health problems.

Changmin tried to remember something while his father was still talking, but couldn’t. He was too young to remember the way his real mother looked like, or how she took care of him. He looked up and into the eyes of the only mother he knew and when all he saw was love and kindness he breathed a sigh of relief and just stoped thinking about all those difficult stuff. He’ll have time when he’s older and wiser to think things through and analyse everything. For now he’ll just enjoy his remaining time as a child and let his lovely mother coddle him to her hearts content.

The years went by and Changmin was entering middleschool, in the same year as his Junsu hyung and one year below his Yunho hyung, this of course, due to his genius brain that helped him skip a grade.

His days in school were the same as always,either making fun of Junsu’s squeaky dolphin laugh or just pouting cutely at his hyungs at lunch time, when he wanted more food, after finishing his. That is until one day, a couple of days before the winter vacation started that he saw the most beautiful boy ever, coming towards him with a shy smile on his face. When said boy stopped in front of him and introduced himself, “Hello, I’m Jaejoong, do you mind if we eat lunch together? I have an extra bento.” , Changmin couldn’t stop the large smile on his face while nodding enthusiastically at the mention of an extra bento.

They became friends fast, with Jaejoong always “attracting” Changmin with his delicious bentos. He later met Jaejoongs best friend, Yoochun, and soon all five of them became like an inseparable group. They were like brothers, always studying together, and playing together and Changmin just loved all the attention he was getting from Jaejoong, just because he was the youngest. He loved the bento’s that Jaejoong brought and he’ll purposely act cute and adorable in front of him just to see that light blush on Jaejoongs cheeks.

It was an ordinary Saturday night, with all of them gathered in Jaejoongs room. Junsu and Yoochun were engrossed in the new videogame Jaejoongs father bought him for Christmass, Yunho was sprawled half on the couch with one leg over Jaejoong and half on the floor,eyes wide open. the only things indicating that he was sleeping were his even breathing and the amount of drool currently soaking Jaejoongs rug, and Jaejoong was staring blankly at something on the wall that had Changmin’s attention, but soon shrugged his shoulders when he couldn’t figure out what is was and put his Ipod earbuds in, closing his eyes and trying to relax to the soothing music coming out of the small speakers.

He was so relaxed, singing to the lyrics in his head, that he didn’t even notice when the bed dipped,continuing to enjoy his favorite music, only to be startled by soft lips on his,his stomach doing double flips,his hands, and toes and lips and every other extremity of his body suddently going numb. He opened his eyes wide only to be met with the same wide eyes of Jaejoong, moving his lips like a fish, with no sound coming out, which he must admit, it looked really funny. The next thing he knew, Changmin leaned in and captured Jaejoongs lips again, wanting to be sure that what he felt the first time wasn’t just a one time thing, but more like the beginning of something biger and more beautiful.
When they parted, both flushed and dizzy from the kiss, Changmin smiled shyly at Jaejoong and wanted to tell him that he liked him, when Jaejoong blurted, “I like you!”. Changmin giggled cutely and blushed some more, mumbling an “I like you too, hyung!” before tackling Jaejoong on the bed and starting to tickle him as revenge getting ahead of him and confessing first.

The frowning and slightly sad eyes of Yunho who had witnessed everything went unnoticed by the new happy couple who were in their own world tickling each other and laughing happily on the bed.

It was New Year’s Eve and Changmin was really excited. He had planned to make a surpise visit to Jaejoong tonight at 00:00 sharp. It was already 10:30 PM when Changmin was walking through the living room full of family and neighbours and a lot more people he didn’t even know, when his ears picked up on the conversation his father was having with what he assumed to be one of their neighbours.
“I’m so sorry you’re leaving so abruptly, Sang Min-shi. We’ll definitely miss little Changmin and Yunho’s bubbly laughs while playing happily in the garden.”
“Ah yes, Mr. Philips. Some things came up back home in Seoul, and we have to go back.”

Changmin couldn’t belive his ears. This couldn’t happen. They were leaving New York for good? But what about Jaejoong and Yoochun and all of his friends? He looked for Junsu and Yunho and pleaded for them to tell him it was a lie, that he didn’t hear right, but the look on his hyung faces told him everything that he didn’t want to confirm. They were leaving for good, and he didn’t even knew a thing about it.

Changmin stook dazed not comprehending why this is happening to him and the next thing he knew, he was in a plane the next day towards Seoul, South Korea, leaving Jaejoong in New York, without even a goodbye.

The next few days after settling in their new house in Seoul, Changmin packed a small bag with a few clothes and necessities, planning to run away and go back to New York and to Jaejoong who was probably lonely and searching for him right now. He had made his plans very well, he’d take the first buss towards the airport and then somehow manage to buy a plane ticket to New York. What he didn’t plan on though was the slightly drunk driver nodding off for a moment and speeding towards him, while he was crossing the empty street, thoughts busy with his plan of how to get back to NY faster.

The car hit him dead on. Changmin didn’t even know where it came from. He was lucky though, that the driver was still conscious enough to call the ambulance immediately after registering what he had done.

Changmin was brought to the hospital and immediately brought in the operating room.

After 8 grueling hours the light indicating that the operation was in progress finally shut off and a tired doctor came out through the doors and towards the people waiting for a sign with their hearts in their throats.

The first thing the doctor said after introducing himself was ”Your boy is lucky!”
Apparently he had flatlined two times during the operation, but luckily they were able to stabilize him in time. He had 2 broken ribs, one broken arm and a lot of bruises and scratches. He was in a coma right now but he was out of risk and as soon as he’ll be moved to an available room they can go and see him.

While he was in a coma, his mother never left his side. When she was dragged out to go and rest by his father it was either Yunho or Junsu who stayed by his side, never leaving him alone.

Changmin finaly wakes up after 3 weeks of being in a coma. After the doctors check him up they come to the conclusion that he has partial amnesia, due to the head injury he got when the car hit him, and that the chances of him recovering his memories are 50/50.

As it seemed, Changmin didn’t forget his name, or his parents or Yunho hyung, and not even his annoying Junsu hyung, only some parts and events that occurred before his arrival in Seoul. He didn’t gave it much thought since everyone else around him told him that he wasn’t missing anything important and that he’ll remember soon so he shouldn’t stress himself with that right now.

It was Changmins 18th birthday when he met Choi Dongwook and found out they were engaged since he was only 2 years old. Apparently Mr. and Mrs. Choi fell inlove with little Changmins charms when they first layed eyes on him and wanted nothing more than a grandson that would be as adorable and cute as him, so they decided that when their son Dongwook grew older they would marry him to Changmin.

Changmin was shocked at hearing that but didn’t really protest against it since he liked Dongwooks presence and they immediately became friends. It was just something about Dongwooks silly but also carring personality that attracted Changmin even more and couldn’t say no.

As the years went by, Changmin and Dongwook became inseparable and the best of friends. Even though they were engaged and soon to be married, their relationship never passed the stage of innocent kisses on the cheek and hand holding.

Soon Changmin started helping Yunho out with the company matters, even though he didn’t have any interest inheriting anything related to it, he just couldn’t say no to his brothers shiny smiles and pleading eyes.

And that’s how Jung Shim Changmin found himself attending some sort of high society party of some sort of bussines associate that they recently signed a contract with, instead of his brother Yunho. His brother just called him up 2 hours before the said party, telling him that he should attend it in his place because he was momentarily stuck in an important business meeting that won’t be ending any time soon. Changmin begrudgingly agreed and that’s how he was now feeling bored to death, only 15 minutes after arriving at said “important” party.

But what Changmin didn’t know, was that everything will change that night, his life and the days that follow. Everything,with only a fateful meeting.


Finaly finished Changmins part. It’s a little longer than Jaejoong’s part cause I had a lot more to cover, but I hope it came out well.