November 7th, 2012


Fateful Meeting - Interlude 1/2

Title: Fateful Meeting – Interlude
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: JaeMin, BFF!JaeChun, BFF!MinSu, Bro!HoMin
Warnings: None of the characters belong to me (sadly) ... and since this is my first fanfic, please be gentle with the throwing of things *gets helmet ready*
Summary: It began as an innocent love that had no time to evolve, being shortly followed by a heartbreaking separation, and only years after, by a fateful meeting. Will they fight for their love or choose to obediently follow their already chosen paths by their powerfull families ?
A/N: This is the interlude for the fanfic ME and asiafreak1991 are writing together. I realised there were some loopholes in the fanfic and the readers will feel confused after reading the first chapters, so i tried making this Interlude and maybe answer some of the questions and make things more clear for everyone out there. <3

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Interlude 1/2.

Kim Jaejoong.

Jaejoong remembers clearly, as if it was yesterday, the day the Kim’s adopted him.

It was probably fated for them to meet that day in New York. Jaejoong was playing hide and seek with the other kids in the St. Joseph Orphanage, when he heard the unmistakable song of the Ice-Cream Truck pass by. He had a couple of coins in his pocket that a kind blond lady gave him in the morning when she saw him because, as she said, he was “ Oh so adorable!” after squeezing his cheeks, and he really, really wanted to eat some strawberry ice cream right now. He dashed out of the gates and towards the moving truck, not looking left or right for any other cars when crossing the street, with just his strawberry ice cream in mind, when he heard a loud honk and some screeching tires. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the approaching car and covered his eyes in fear of what was going to happen when he felt a slight bump in his knees and he fell on the gound. The next thing he knows, a man followed by a woman come rushing at him panicked, picking him up and checking him all over.

Kim Hye Sung and Kim Se Na, his new parents, weren’t able to have any children of their own, and so they decided to adopt one. They were on a trip in New York for opening a new branch in the company, when the accident happened, and they immediately fell inlove with Jaejoong’s adorable pouty face. They brought him inside the orphanage and decided that they will adopt him, making Jaejoong the future heir of the powerfull Kim Corporation at the age of only 5.

He had a happy childhood with everything he wanted and he couldn’t feel more grateful for his parents for all the love and care they gave him throughout all these years.

He met Yoochun when he was 7, being the new weird looking kid that just moved in next door. They became friends pretty quickly and have been almost inseparable ever since.

Jaejoong met Changmin when he entered middleschool. He was always accompanied by these other two boys, one smaller and chubbier with an infectuos laugh and the other a little taller and older. The way that his eyes grew mismatched when he laughed and the way he pouted when one of his hyungs didn’t want to give him a little more of their food,which was an everyday happening, always made Jaejoongs heart beat like it was coming out of his chest.

He finaly got his courage a couple of days before the winter vacation started and approached Changmin with an extra bento in his arms and a shy “Hello, I’m Jaejoong, do you mind if we eat lunch together? I have an extra bento.” The smile Changmin gave him was more blinding than the pure white snow pilling up outside.

They became friends fast, with Jaejoong always “attracting” Changmin with his delicious bentos. He also met the other two boys, Junsu, the chubby cute guy being Changmins best friend, and Yunho, the tall, older guy being Changmins brother. They soon became inseparable, Jaejoong, Changmin, Junsu, Yunho and Yoochun. They were like brothers, always studying together, and playing together and Jaejoong loved them very much. But Changmin was definetly his favorite. He didn’t know why, he was just special. Like how Jaejoongs heart would leap out of his chest everytime Changmin would call him “Hyuuunnnggg~” with a pouty face when he was hungry or just wanted something from him, or the way his cheeks would heat whenever Changmin would hug him or hold his hand or just the weird feeling he has in his stomach everytime he looks at Changmins delicious lips.

It was an ordinary Saturday night, with all of them gathered in Jaejoongs room. Junsu and Yoochun were engrossed in the new videogame his father bought him for Christmass, Yunho was sprawled half on the couch with one leg over Jaejoong and half on the floor,eyes wide open. the only things indicating that he was sleeping were his even breathing and the amount of drool currently soaking Jaejoongs rug, and Changmin was on the bed, earbuds tucked in his ears, slowly drifting to sleep after a tiring day. Jaejoong slowly lifted Yunho’s leg and got off the couch, heading towards Changmin who was now peacefully sleeping on his bed. He slowly slid beside him on the bed and watched him sleep,smiling to himself and not beliving how could someone be so cute and so adorable and without even realizing he was getting closer and closer until his lips touched Changmins. The moment their lips touched it felt like a jolt of electricity run through his entire body leaving him a little dizzy,with slightly numb lips and raging fireworks in his stomach. When he opened his eyes, which he hadn’t even noticed he closed, he saw Changmins adorable ones looking straight at him and a fiery blush covering his chubby cheeks. He stood frozen in his spot not knowing what to say or do and when he finaly opened his mouth to say something he was stoped by Changmins lips over his. It may have lasted only a couple of seconds but to Jaejoong it felt like forever, like he was floating surrounded by fluffly clouds and he wanted to stay like that forever, only with Changmin. When he opened his eyes again and he saw the shy smile on Changmins face and the cute blush covering his cheeks, the only thing that came out of his mouth was “I like you!”. Changmin giggled cutely and blushed some more, mumbling an “I like you too, hyung!” before tackling Jaejoong on the bed and starting to tickle him.

The frowning and slightly sad eyes of Yunho who had witnessed everything went unnoticed by the new happy couple who were in their own world tickling each other and laughing happily on the bed.

The holidays came and went rather quickly, filled with family gatherings and more presents and without knowing it was the new year and school was starting again. Jaejoong was really excited to start school. After that night on Christmass Eve he was busy with his family and hadn’t seen Changmin at all. They still talked on the phone but there’s been two days since Changmin hasn’t answered any of his messages and he’s a bit worried.

The first thing Jaejoong did when he reached school was to go and find Changmin. As he looked around the class,a little breathless after running all the way there, eyes searching for Changmin he didn’t notice the bell ring and the soft hand of the teacher on his shoulder, giving him a reprimanding glare.
“Shouldn’t you be in class now young man?”
“Oh! I’m sorry Mr. Wilson, I didn’t hear the bell ring”
said Jaejoong a little startled. “I was looking for Changmin.”
The teacher sighed and patted Jaejoong on the head.
“It’s fine, as long as it doesn’t happen again. Oh, and didn’t you know? Shim Changmin transferred. His mother came yesterday and brought all the necessary papers for him and for his older brother…oh and for that kid Kim Junsu too…” the teacher said a little thoughtfull. “ I thought you knew, weren’t you good friends?”
After that Jaejoong was ushered back to his classroom where he sat in a dazed state until Yoochun came and got him out of it. He still couldn’t belive it. Changmin, Yunho and Junsu had just disappeared out of his life and no one knew where they were, not even Yoochun. They tried going to their house but no one answered the door. The wanted to go to Junsu’s house and see if someone there knew something but they realized they didn’t even knew where Junsu lived, cause he was always at Changmin’s. Jaejoong tried calling each of their cellphone numbers again but all he got was that the number was out of service. He couldn’t belive it. If it weren’t for Yoochun or that one picture they had taken on Christmass Eve together,all five of them smiling happily, he would’ve thought that everything that happened was only a dream, or a fragment of his imagination.

As the years went by and his schedule got busier and busier, with his training for someday taking over the company being in process, Jaejoong slowly started to forget the taste and feel of those sweet lips, and the blinding smile of the boy with mismatched eyes that made his heart flutter. Even though his parents had moved back to S.Korea earlier on, when he was just 18 years old, he chose to stay in New York a little longer with Yoochun until he finished all his studies there. They moved to Seoul when Jaejoong was 23 and Yoochun 22, Jaejoong immediately starting to work in his fathers company and Yoochun finding a job as a photographer in a renowned magazine.

Soon after, he met Heechul, the son of one of his fathers friends and business parteners and they got engaged. It wasn’t because they fell inlove or anything, but more of his fathers request and Jaejoong agreed because even if he wasn’t inlove with Heechul now, at least they were friends, and in the long run that feeling will definitely come.

His days were pretty peaceful and mundane,with business meetings, and family meetings and outings with Yoochun, that is until that fateful night. His parents 30th marriage aniversay was a couple of days prior to that day, so Jaejoong as the good son he is, told his father that they shouldn’t cut their trip short just because of some party a business associate was throwing, and that he will go instead so they don’t have to worry and enjoy their time together a little more.

What he didn’t know was that everything will change that night, his life and the days that follow. Everything,with only a fateful meeting.


The first part is done, not much explaining done in this one, there will be a lot of it done in the second part, the one with Changmin’s past. I’ll try to finish it tomorrow, and post it. ;P
P.S: Sorry if there are any mistakes, I just finished writing it and it’s 2am and I don’t have a beta to proof read it, so …. *bows* <3