November 5th, 2012


Fateful Meeting 3 / ?

Title: Fateful Meeting
Rating: PG-13 (and maybe some NC-17 later)
Pairing: JaeMin, onesided!Min7en, hints of JaeChull, BFF!JaeChun, BFF!MinSu, Bro!HoMin
Warnings: None of the characters belong to me (sadly) ... and since this is my first fanfic, please be gentle with the throwing of things *gets helmet ready*
Summary: It began as an innocent love that had no time to evolve, being shortly followed by a heartbreaking separation, and only years after, by a fateful meeting. Will they fight for their love or choose to obediently follow their already chosen paths by their powerfull families ?
A/N: Crappy summary is crappy…but it will change… ;P
This is the fanfic ME and asiafreak1991 are writing together. It’s a JaeMin , with a slight onesided!Min7en, hints of some JaeChull and maybe we’ll add some more pairings’s not finished yet…but it’s pretty long ;P
I'll post the already written chapters here and if someone likes it (hopefully), i'll consider posting it 'till the very end...also, the POV changes from Changmin to Jaejoong and so on, that's how we wrote it, with me being Changmin and asiafreak1991 being Jaejoong. Hope it's not too confusing.

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 /


Chapter 3.

JaeJoong smiled at Changmins answer and was about to reply when Changmins phone rang and he answered it. He tried not to really pay attention to his conversation, but it was useless, he heard him address someone very fondly more than once and it really seemed like he cared about the person on the other end. He took a sip of his coffee contemplating the reason for his happiness. Was this person the key to it or the person he cared about most? He didn’t want to dwell on those thoughts or rather the feelings brought on by the thoughts. Mostly he was confused, obviously he had found him attractive, and apparently Yoochun as well given what he had said earlier, but it wasn’t on the same level as the person on the other end of the line. He did his best to not be upset by Changmins choice of words but deep down they hurt a little. He continued to sip on his coffee until it seemed the other had ended their conversation and looked up at him when it had finished.

“So… Jaejoong-shi…I have to go right now,but I’d love to meet again with the five of us. I’m sure Junsu and Yunho hyung would be really happy seeing you again.And I’d also really love to meet Yoochun-shi.Here’s my card with my personal number,you can call me anytime.” He got up from his seat and extended his hand towards Jaejoong for a shake and then left the caffee towards his house,where Dongwook was waiting for him with food.

“oh, okay.” Jaejoong took his card with a slight bow and watched him walk away. After he left he decided to call Yoochun, “Hey, you wouldn’t believe who I just met again…” he said before continuing to tell him about everything Changmin had told him, excluding the part where he seemed to have some sort of significant other. “Yeah, he gave me his number so we could work out a time to meet up.” He informed “Sounds good, I can’t wait to give him my side of the story too.” Yoochun replied with a slight chuckle which JaeJoong echoed with a slight blush;knowing that he would probably embarrass him somehow. He ended the conversation and finished up his coffee in silence wondering how it would be with all of them together again.

After Changmin got home and filled his stomach with the meal Dongwook made, he told him about meeting Jaejoong and about their conversation,smiling happily while they drank some tea in the balcony. Dongwook smiled softly “Hmm~ you must’ve been really good friends then. I’m glad you met him again Minnie~” his smile fades and turns into a pout “but that means that now I’ll have more people to share you with”. Changmin smiles fondly then goes and plops himself in his lap and hugs him really tight,cooing cutely.”Oooh~ don’t worry. Shichi will forever be my number one~ <3 “ then gives him a chaste kiss on the forehead. Dongwook looks at him blinking cutely before asking.” Then what about Junsu? ;3 wasn’t he your number one?” Changmin chuckles and pinches his cheeks softly before answering... “No~ Duckbutt is forever number two…specialy now that he lost all that weight and thinks he’s sexier than me…pfftt~” They laugh together until Changmin jumps up and takes out his phone quickly. “Ah! I forgot to call him and tell him about today.”

As he dials Junsu’s number Dongwook get’s up and kisses him on the cheek before telling him his going to take a nap in the livingroom. Changmin smiles and sends him a flying smooch just when Junsu answers the phone. “Awww~ Minnie…did you miss me that much that you’re sending me phone kisses? You can always do it live you know?” Junsu says playfully. “Ewwwww nooo~ That wasn’t for you ugly duckbutt.” And before Junsu has any time to contest the “ugly” part, Changmin speaks again. “ Anyway, let’s forget just for today that you’re ugly and focus on more important stuff…like the fact that I met someone named Kim Jaejoong today who said he knew us both and also told me some stuff that happened in highschool.” Junsu already had his comeback ready,like what would be more important than him responding to Min’s teasings with more teasings…when he heard that name. He froze and was lost for words. “Hyung, really, why didn’t you tell me about him and Yoochun. I get it my parents wouldn’t have known but you and Yunho hyung…why didn’t you tell me?” Junsu can almost see the pout behind those words and a flash of guilt overcomes him…but tries to stay as calm as he can. “Minnie-ah, I’m sorry.. I .. I just didn’t think it was that important, you know? We were all so shaken up by your accident and the fact that you lost your memories that we didn’t think it would matter even if we told you, because we had already moved from the US and it was highly probable we wouldn’t meet again…so…I’m sorry!”

Changmin sighed at hearing a similar answer as what his hyung told him, and he smiled. “ It’s fine, that’s what Yunho hyung said too,there’s nothing to be done about it now anyway. Oh…I gave Jaejoong my number and told him to call me, so we can set up a meeting with the five of us. I can’t wait for him to call”, said Changmin excitedly. After a couple of more minutes of talking and a little teasing, they ended the call and Junsu plopped on the sofa sighing. He was afraid of the meeting, of meeting his two best friends again, the two best friends he abandoned without any word almost ten years ago when the Jungs asked him to accompany Changmin back to Korea, but most of all he was afraid that Changmin would get back the feelings he held for Jaejoong then. And he didn’t want that, because that meant that he would suffer again, because even after everything, Junsu kept track of the two and knew they were in Seoul, he knows that Jaejoong is engaged too and he also knows perfectly well his former best friends personality. He just hopes that things won’t go further than a couple of friendly meetings and that this nagging feeling that he’s been having since a couple of days won’t mean anything serious.


JaeJoong heads home from the meeting and meets his father to tell him what exactly happened and basically shared everything that went on at the meeting. “JaeJoong thank you so much for going to that for me, things here have just been piling up lately.” He said shuffling through the papers on his desk trying to find something.
“You should rest then sir.” Jaejoong said not liking how stressed out his ‘father’ looked. “What can I do to help?” he asked headed over to the desk. “Your wedding invitation sample came in today I wanted to show you …”His father said still shuffling through the papers before finally finding it and handing the letter to Jaejoong.
He took the letter in his hand and examined it, he had known about the wedding for a while now, and was determined to make his father proud of him, it was the only thing he could do for him; and seeing him settle down was obviously improving his fathers demeanor as well. Sure Heechul was attractive and funny but in his heart he knew that he didn’t really love him. He knew that eventually it would come to him if he worked hard at it though and before now his determination was really strong but after having the run in with Changmin he knew that it was going to be harder than what he had previously thought.
“It looks great. “ he said with a smile, hoping to set his father at ease.
After finishing up work he went to his room to relax, thoughts of Changmin flooding his mind. On one hand it scared him, yet on another he was happy. To be able to be close to him in some way was really what he wanted… with this thought he decided to call him. “Hey, so um about getting together with the others, how about we all go out for some drinks for my birthday that’s coming up?” He asked after the other answered the phone.

Changmin was getting ready to go visit his parents, when he heard his phone ring. He answered it hurriedly and was pleasantly surprinsed to find out that it was Jaejoong on the other line, asking him for a get together for his birthday. “Oh…yes, that would be perfect. I talked to Junsu and Yunho about meeting you and they were really excited in seeing you and Yoochun again” he said happily. “I was just about getting ready to go and visit my parents for dinner, I’ll tell Yunho hyung and Junsu about the meeting there. Just send me the date , time and place and we’ll be there,” said Changmin excitedly. After they ended the call he couldn’t contain his smile, he was really happy and butterflies were squirming in his belly like he was a pubescent kid with his first crush. Changmin is a smart guy, he realized he was slowly falling for Jaejoong ever since their meeting at the caffe and even though he’s happy about it, it also scares him a little because things are going too fast…and he also has Dongwook, but Shichi will understand right? There’s no real romantic relationship between the two…but what about Jaejoong? Does he like him even a little bit? Is Jaejoong even single? He shook his head to throw those questions away from his mind and continued to get ready for the family dinner. He’ll have time to think about those some other time.

JaeJoong smiled happily at the news that he wasn’t the only one excited for the reunion. “Alright I’ll send it soon. Talk to you later Changmin.” He said ending the call, before once again calling Yoochun. “Geeze man I know you love me but two times in hardly any time at all, what’s up?” he asked as he answered the phone.
Jaejoong chuckled a bit at his best friends reaction. “Just inviting you to my birthday party, slash reunion. I was thinking of going to a bar and or karaoke and having a few drinks while catching up? What do you think?” he asked already knowing Yoochuns’ answer.
“Of course, what time do you think?” Yoochun asked curiously.
“How about 8:30?” Jaejoong replied. “Alright Eight thirty, gods of the east Karaoke bar, two weeks from now; can’t wait.” Yoochun said enthusiastically before ending the call. Jaejoong proceeded to text Changmin.

February 4th
Gods of the East Karaoke bar
8:30pm Hope you can make it ^.^


Third chapter done~ I’ll try to update once a day or so, I don’t want my few (but precious) readers to have to wait too long for the updates. xD