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Fateful Meeting 2 / ?

Title: Fateful Meeting
Rating: PG-13 (and maybe some NC-17 later)
Pairing: JaeMin, onesided!Min7en, hints of JaeChull, BFF!JaeChun, BFF!MinSu, Bro!HoMin
Warnings: None of the characters belong to me (sadly) ... and since this is my first fanfic, please be gentle with the throwing of things *gets helmet ready*
Summary: It began as an innocent love that had no time to evolve, being shortly followed by a heartbreaking separation, and only years after, by a fateful meeting. Will they fight for their love or choose to obediently follow their already chosen paths by their powerfull families ?
A/N: Crappy summary is crappy…but it will change… ;P
This is the fanfic ME and asiafreak1991 are writing together. It’s a JaeMin , with a slight onesided!Min7en, hints of some JaeChull and maybe we’ll add some more pairings’s not finished yet…but it’s pretty long ;P
I'll post the already written chapters here and if someone likes it (hopefully), i'll consider posting it 'till the very end...also, the POV changes from Changmin to Jaejoong and so on, that's how we wrote it, with me being Changmin and asiafreak1991 being Jaejoong. Hope it's not too confusing.

Chapter 1


Chapter 2.

Two weeks later.

Jaejoong arrived at the grand hotel where in a room located on the top floor there was to be a business meeting. It was a rather large hotel and many representatives were going to gather there. His palms were sweating, he really didn’t like social gatherings however his father asked him to do this. Without his generosity he wouldn’t be anything, and would have probably died, so he had to do what he could for him, and if that meant standing awkwardly in front of a whole bunch of power mongers and present a bunch of ideas then that was what he’d do. He zoned out slightly as he rode the elevator. Silently praying that everything would go smoothly.

Changmin was furious. Yunho was busy finalizing this big merger with another company and he couldn't come so now HE has to attend this stupid boring meeting where he knows nothing of importance will be told, just some gathering for info and ideas,nothing spectacular, but even so presence was mandatory. He sighs and tries to mold his facial features to a blank look as he enters the building,zoning out and trying to recall the great massage Dongwook gave him last night as a means of relaxation. It helps a little as he manages to calm down and asume his business man face, entering the meeting hall and greeting some of the company directors he knows,ignoring the others or just sending a slight smile towards them, everything on automatic. After the meeting starts he listens to see if he can catch any important information then starts zoning out when he realizes this is becoming more like a "gossip" meeting than a business meeting,startling a bit when he feels eyes staring at him,making the hair on the back of his neck rise. He tries to ignore it,being used to stares from stuck up business men that think he's too young and foolish for the business world and is thankfull that not long after the meeting finaly ends and he tries to gather all the papers with the doodles he made on the desk and shove them in his briefcase as quickly as he can,but the zipper on this stupid briefcase chose this moment to get stuck and before he knows it everyone has left the room. He curses silently and leaves it half open grabing it and trying to leave but is stopped by a strong hand that pulls him in and....hugs him?

JaeJoong sighed deeply as he entered the room, thoughts elsewhere but when he looked up to observe the room he nearly fell over mid step, thankfully his chair was right in front of him so it didn’t look too odd. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was just to much of a coincidence to meet twice in such a short amount of time. The meeting itself was rather boring, most of the ideas had already been in the planning stages and the people presenting them were there for investment purposes. He tried hard but no matter how hard he tried not to concentrate on Changmin, the more he was looking at him. When the meeting was over he debated whether or not to leave but when he saw Changmin struggling with the zipper of his bag and the others leave he stuck around. Admiring the adorable look he had as he struggled. He shook his head and slightly chuckled as Changmin turned to leave he impulsively grabbed his arm and pulled him into him. “You know it’s terribly rude to keep ignoring an old friend you know that right?” He said pulling back slightly and giving him a warm smile. “How have you been?” He added curiously.

He felt small prickles of electricity run through his body and a sudden familiar warmth envelop him with the hug. His mind went blank and his vision a little blurry but it felt so good, like he waited for an eternity just to feel those arms around him, and he was about to wrap his arms around this stranger when his mind started to process the words … and when he pulled back slightly and finaly saw that smiling face he froze and his breath caught. In front of him was a beautiful, handsome, gorgeous man with black raven silky hair and mesmerizing blue eyes, plump lips and he was looking at him with such warmth and…. love? Did he know him? He thought he heard the man say “old friend”…where they old friends? Changmin didn’t remember him…but felt something tug at his brain, he felt like he knew him but didn’t know from where or how or when. Finaly as he breathed out and tried to say something, as the man in front of him was starting to look a little confused and worried maybe, taking a step back, the only thing that came out of his mouth was “I’m sorry, but do I know you? “

Jaejoong observed the range of emotion on Changmins face, He looked confused and surprised and maybe a little scared even. He wondered if the man in front of him forgot him completely. His stomach and probably face fell instantly as his suspicion was confirmed with the others words. He instantly let go and turned around a little hurt and frustrated. “Just someone you used to hang out with as a kid in new york…No one special. Sorry to bother you, have a nice day.” He said before moving to walk away grabbing his bag on his way out the door.

He felt an unfamiliar pang in his chest at his words and as he saw the man leave he knew he had to stop him. His body moved automatically and he ran after the man, grabing him by his arm to stop him. “W-wait! I … “ He knew he had to say something to make him stay, he doesn’t know why but he wants him to stay, he wants him understand him, he wants him to look at him like that again, eyes full of warmth and love. Noting that the man is still silent and waiting for him to talk, he gathers his courage and begins to speak. “I- … I was told by my parents that we lived in New York when I was younger, but I don’t remember anything of what my life was before the crash, so I’m sorry….i don’t remember you….” He pauses for a moment and licks his lips nervously … “… but I’d really like to get to know you again, that’s if you want to …you said we were friends…” He looks with hopefull eyes at him,hoping, praying that he won’t brush his hand away and walk away….he has a feeling deep inside his chest that he doesn’t want to lose him, that he is someone important to him, even though he doesn’t even know his name…yet.

JaeJoong was stopped by him and stayed still and quiet waiting for him to speak yet not really being able to see him. When he heard Changmins confession about not remembering anything his heart once again sank, but then understood a little at hearing he was in an accident. He turned around then surprised and curious as to what happened but he continued to talk. When he was finished JaeJoong began to speak, “What happened, what kind of accident?” he asked and before Changmin had a chance to respond he answered his question. “Of course I want to spend time with you again…”he said trying not to get too emotional.

Changmin relaxed after the man’s answer and smiles softly,letting go of his hand. “Uhm,, then can we go and get some coffee or tea? Do you have time? We can’t really stand here and talk in the middle of the hall… oh..and ..uhm..can you tell me your name? “ He looked at him expectantly and a little happy that they can spend more time together, eyes shining brightly, biting his lips softly. “There’s a caffee across the street from here, we can go there….so I can tell you about…the accident..and what I remember..and maybe you can tell me more about … us? “

Jaejoong’s stomach flips at Changmin’s smile and as he bit his lips he shook his head trying not to think too much about how they had tasted back in the day. “Um yeah I’m free, lets head that way then.. I’m Kim JaeJoong. “ he said answering his questions and turned to head toward the elevator. “Um I can tell you, but I don’t know if you’ll believe me or not. I mean I’ll tell you how I say it anyway.” He said and hit the down button.

Changmin smiles and repeats his name in his head. “Kim Jaejoong”. He’s excited but also a little scared at what he might find out. His parents and Yunho didn’t go into to much detail about his past after his accident, they couldn’t have known much anyway, and not even Junsu…who he’d been with always, didn’t say much just “It’ll be a new beginning Minnie! So don’t worry about it.” so he’s nervous, he wants to know how he was in highschool and if he had other friends. He wants to know so many things.
Thay arrive at the caffee and after ordering, he takes a deep breath and looks expectantly at Jaejoong. “ So … how was I in highschool? Did I have more friends?”

As they walked to the café Jaejoong tried to wrap his mind around the fact that Changmin no longer had any memories of what had happened, of him. He wondered vaguely if that was a good thing or not but decided on the latter, no one should be robbed of good memories. He also wondered what it would be like to have him back in his life, before they had been so close and now…he was engaged. He had to live up to his fathers expectations, it was the right thing to do… He shook his head to clear it, it wasn’t like things were going to go back the way they were anyway. After they arrived and ordered Changmin spoke up.
Jaejoong paused and tried to think of an answer, a way to describe him in his youth. “You were very fun to be around. Playful and charming, and I’m sure this part hasn’t really changed though I guess it could have; back then you were always hungry. “ He chuckled slightly with a nostalgic look on his face. “As for the friends, there was five of us at first You and I, Yunho, Yoochun, and Junsu but for family reasons Junsu had to leave..I wonder how he is doing? Anyway the four of us that would hang out constantly, What have your parents told you about that time?”

Changmin listens intently when Jaejoongs talks about him, chuckling when he mentions him being always hungry, and wants to say something but then hears Junsu and Yunho’s names being mentioned and he blinks confused and tries to answer Jaejoongs question before asking him. “ My parents haven’t told me much, they just gave me some details about the accident. They said it was better for me if I start anew and that even so …they didn’t have anything important to tell me anyway.” He sighed and fixed his gaze on Jaejoong. “Do you know Junsu?? MY Junsu?? Kim Junsu? Duckbutt Junsu? Squeekee Dolfin Junsu?? A-and Yunho hyung? “

Jaejoongs brow creases with anger at the fact that even though Changmins parents knew about what happened they didn’t tell him. Even if they hated him it was still their son’s memories they robbed him of. “Yes. I could never forget them. We were all really close…How are they?” He asked knowing they had to be close for him to ask in that way. “ Yoochun and I are still really close, he’s my best friend we knew each other since we were kids. Anyway so Yeah our time together in New York was quite frankly the best time of my life…it’s really a shame you can’t remember it.” He said trying not to make a big deal about how he reacted earlier.

Changmin noticed Jaejoongs brow crease but didn’t pay much attention to it, instead feeling happy at hearing about his past and that he had more friends…he couldn’t wait to meet this Yoochun that Jaejoong is speaking of. “Yeah, I know…I wish I could remember but I just can’t.” he sighs and furrows his brows.. “I sometimes have some sort of flashbacks from my past, but they’re like a slideshow of pictures shown at a high speed, and I don’t even know what the trigger for them is…for example , I used to have a lot of flashbacks after the accident, but after awhile it stopped, then suddenly last week, while I was at a reaaaaaaallly boring party I started to have these flashbacks again”, he sighs again almost sounding defeated, “..and it’s frustrating cause while in those couple of seconds I feel a rush of emotions, of love, happiness, trust and then sadness and fear …but all I can remember are little snippets like two boys holding hands, laughter, a kiss and then as all my flashbacks it ends with the crash.” He takes a sip of his coffee and closes his eyes for a moment to clear his thoughts and calm down,feeling a little surprised by himself at how at ease he feels with Jaejoong while usually it would take him a couple of days at least to feel comfortable around someone new. He smiles softly thinking that they probably were really close friends in the past,the thought sending a pleasing buzz to his stomach.

JaeJoong nodded in understanding and listened intently on the flashbacks he described, he blushed a little at the mention of love and the kiss but was slightly worried about the fear and sadness, but he also realized that it was all something in the past. When he was finished talking Jaejoong spoke. “You’re happy now though right?” he asked with a slight tilt of his head. “oh….and about the party, I saw you there, when did the flashback happen?” he asked curiously. It was obvious to Jaejoong that somehow subconsciously he remembered him. The first time they had met, talking was never this easy. His realization made him smile and hope of him getting his memories back was restored.

Changmin finaly looks up at Jaejoong while answering him and smiles brightly, suddenly feeling so much better. “ Yeah, I’m happy..everything’s good! Oh.. you saw me?? ” He bites his lower lip and thinks about the night of the party, he had the flashback when he was with Dongwook and they were talking and …a sudden realization hits him. “Wait…was that you on the balcony with another hot guy beside you?? Cause that’s when it happened.. I was talking with Dongwook when I looked to the side and saw two handsome guys staring at the skyline…it must be you right? ..i mean.. “ he doesn’t get to finish cause his phone startles him and when he looks at the caller ID he sees it is Dongwook. He smiles fondly thinking of what a coincidence it is cause they were just talking about him and answers the phone. “Yes dear! Were you looking for me?” He chuckles softly,as he hears Dongwook also chuckle on the other line. Even though they were engaged, their relationship wasn’t more than that of best friends,but they liked to tease eachother sometimes by calling each other pet names when they were in public. “Oh yes, my love! I was worried when you didn’t call and tell me how the meeting went on. What are you doing? Are you by any chance cheating on me with someone hotter and better?” he pauses for a second and then bursts out laughing, also making Changmin laugh.. “You know there’s no one hotter and better than you, why do you even ask…silly!” He has a wide grin on his face, Dongwook always managing to make him laugh whenever they talk,also making him forget for a moment he is accompanied by Jaejoong. “Are you at my place? I’ll come home soon so make something to eat ok dear? “ He chuckles again at Dongwooks funny voices over the phone and then ends the call.


Second chapter, even if they're pretty short hang on with me here, ;P they seemed longer when i wrote them XD
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